50 patients included in the NISCI study

NISCI (Nogo-A Inhibition in acute Spinal Cord Injury) is a multicenter, multinational, placebo controlled phase-II study for the safety and preliminary efficacy of intrathecal anti-Nogo-A [NG101] in patients with acute cervical spinal cord injury. The purpose of the NISCI trial is to test if an antibody therapy can improve motor function and quality of life of tetraplegic patients.

Until now 50 patients have been included in the trial. The study has been extended by the Horizon2020 program until 2022.

Find more about the trial and eligibility criteria on our website.

In case of any specific question please contact a participating study center.


Hand function recovery

NISCI study @ German TV
Interview with Prof. N. Weidner, Heidelberg (D)
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Anti Nogo-A im Rahmen der NISCI Studie.
Eiweiße hemmen, damit Nerven sich erholen.

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